The MacS project is strongly linked to instances tending to the promotion of cultural heritage of the Sicilian heritage and the promotion of Italian and international contemporary art.

The philosophy is to establish a dialogue between the art of the past and contemporary art. The place that houses the museum is an architectural container so valuable as to be one of the most important monumental contexts of the city of Catania and the whole of Sicily and in the choice of this venue is the very essence of the "Macs". It perfectly combining art and architecture, it intends to be the continuation of the aesthetic content of our time, which is why he preferred a figurative cut for its collections of art in the belief of the importance of the image and its evocative function.

Source of inspiration of the MACS are the "classic" criteria and parameters such as beauty, executive skill, technical ability, harmony of form, likelihood, too often marginalized by the vanguards of the twentieth century, with the realities, means, needs and expectations of our contemporary. The MACS Museum hopes to return the original meaning to the work of art, its absolute value, intending to bring everyone, children, teens and adults the art.

Goal is to create a friendly, active museum, dynamic and expanding, that can encourage the exchange of opinions and the circulation of ideas. A museum capable of interacting with the public by offering a young and fresh vision of art, away from stereotyped historicizations and labels. A museum in which to give space to creativity and artistic expression, cultivating talents and consolidating those already established.

A museum that is open to internationality: groped in fact wrong to narrow the Macs to its acronym, Museum of Contemporary Art in Sicily defining significance of container, wood, time and place. Behind these four words is a dynamic and complex reality, which is made up of people, of artists and of meetings of the arts, of coexistence between past and present and stimuli for future projects. A reality, aiming at a dynamic design, intends to grow and to cross the threshold, not only expanding their own space but creating cultural associations with equally prestigious historical and artistic containers.



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