Lorenzo manuel Duràn


Country: Spagna

He was born in Caceres, Spain in 1969. He is a self-taught artist who has rediscovered the age of 36 his two true passions: art and nature. Once embarked on this road, in 2005, he started to paint oil paintings on canvas, attracting the interest of the "Foundation of the Arts and Artists" of Barcelona, who acquired his painting Between Heaven and Earth for the Museum's collection European of Modern Art, MEAM. In the summer of 2006 finds new inspiration for his art, watching a caterpillar eating a leaf; He understands how he could have done leaves his canvases where to create forms and content, a world of possibilities in front of the open slowly. Failing to find enough information on ' "art of cutting the leaves", it develops its own technical staff, after several attempts and trials, has led to a good result. His main tools were a scalpel and a sharp instrument to remove parts. Most of the leaves he uses are those of plants of the places in which they live but any leaf is a challenge for him.

Works collected on MACS

El nudo de la vida, 2011 Foglia incisa con bisturi, specie Catalpa/ Leaf engraved with a scalpel, species Catalpa



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