Anja Millen


Country: Germania

She was born in German in 1966 where she spent her entire youth, followed by some years as a cook in France. In 1984, Anja started to visualize her own world in paintings and sketches. After visiting the European Academy of Art, the school of design and art, she discovered the wonderful, unlimited world of digital art in 1998. Her main subject is a mix between surrealism and traditional style, trying to make the invisible visible. Her art is shown and featured in different virtual galleries. She is currently working with musicians creating their CD cover art. Anja made MMORPG concept arts and character studies for the RPG genre and is looking forward to creating book covers for fantasy novels. She lives and works in German.

Works collected on MACS

Verrate mir den wehen ort, 2014 fotografia digitale/ digital photo cm 70x70

Nun erst, nachtstunde, Bin Ich, 2009 fotografia digitale/ digital photo cm 70x105



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