Zheng Lai Ming


Country: Singapore

He graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art (Singapore), is a large-scale realist painter and has been pursuing the Hyper-realistic painting techniques for the past 6 years. Having been widely exposed to various styles, ranging from abstract, impressionistic, to realistic and photorealistic paintings, Zheng believes in achieving harmony between visual and conceptual elements of art. In his opinion, all styles are interlinked and techniques utilized at different stage of art movements can be contributed to the exploration of Hyperrealism. Inspired by hyper-realistic painters, he dedicates to reviving the draftsmanship and craftsmanship that have been compromised nowadays in the light contemporary technology. Zheng Lai Ming's painting has been exhibited a number of exhibition such as NAFA Gallery, AAF Singapore, and MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) Singapore.

Works collected on MACS

Self Portrait, 2014 olio su tela/ oil on canvas cm 240x192



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