Teodor Teofil Baciu


Country: Romania

He was born in 1959, on 21 February, in Botosani Dorohoi city, Romania. In early childhood the family moved into the city and cultural center of Iasi. He was born with a special gift and a rare talent to express in painting his visions. Here, he began painting at the age of 7, his first graphic representation was the Christian cross - as a premonition of his future artistic ways. Since the age of 14 he is the only student whom was organized a solo exhibition in the House of Culture in Iasi. At 18 graduates Octav Bancila art highschool in Iasi. He married in youth. Due to the problems in marriage, after some years, the wife decides to divorce him. Baciu get to leave in the houses for poor people. He paints in parks, on the streets, in cafes and restaurants in Iasi. He meet different people, he see things to the limit of life and death, suffering and emotionaly participates in the difficult moments of the homes colleagues. Through a complex of circumstances in 2011 he arrived in Gradistea town, Ilfov County. Here he met a familywhich take care of him and established The Baciu Foundation, a foundation that aims to encourage artistic expression, caring for talented individuals with or without financial possibilities, promoting the values ​​identified by artistic creation. They arrange him a house and a painting studio. He creates and paints quietly, having always in mind the old memories and visions, the inspiration of the place and definitely a nice family atmosphere. The Foundation takes care of the maintenance and promotion of the artist in the country and abroad, as well as organizing events that support the fulfillment of the purpose of the Foundation. Baciu’s burning desire is to pass on confidence in the ability of everyone to create and encourage any person willing to express their artistic vision. Baciu has developed a unique style. Originality is found in his works such as compositions, abstract works, landscapes, flowers, etc. He held many exhibitions, among which we mention: Youth House, Iasi, 1976; Victoria Hall, Iasi, 1978.1982; Iasi Airport Hall; Mihai Eminescu Museum, Iasi, 1984; Army House, Iasi, 1989; Palace of Culture, Iasi, 1992, 1997; Johannesburg, South Africa, 1998; Central Hall, Iasi, 2000; Moldova Mall Iasi, 2011 Ratzeburg, Germany in 2012. Many of his works were sold and exhibited abroad in England, Germany, France, Greece, South Africa, Italy, USA, and China. Romanian art critics, including late Radu Negru (1933-1997) recognized his talent and his work by describing it as a significant contemporary artistic value.

Works collected on MACS

Viziuni, 2012, olio su tela cm 150×100



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