Maria Cristina Costanzo


Country: Italia

She was born in Piacenza in 1970. She graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, exposes since 1990 in various cities in Italy and France.

The artist proposes female figures apparently without age, suspended in the time. The stylized and elongated body representing the ascent to an internal dimension, a status that is reached through the stratification of the experiences of the past. A container of feelings, a pretext to express her way of being. She portrays the life, using the clay and other recyclable materials, such as iron, aluminum, to shape bodies which then sews with wire or rope, to represnt the human contradictions and the internal lacerations. Resulting surreal figures that reach perfection right through their own imperfections. Her sculptures often contain some recurent elements: the heart as a symbol of love and the deepest emotions, the face with the left half open eyelids,collected dreamy expression to refer to the reflection. The artist tries to prolong, the feelings of the moment to make eternal. Time goes fast, relentless, but cyclically it seems to halt for favoring, probably, of the turns. An invitation to take time also to look inside, to listen and everything will appear simpler.

She lives and works in Piacenza.

Works collected on MACS

L'inganno del Tempo / The deception of Time, 2015 terracotta policroma, vecchio orologio da taschino/ polychrome terracotta, old pocket watch cm 80x50x42



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