Massimo Lagrotteria


Country: Italia

He was born in Lucern (Switzerland) in 1972. His work is based on the figure's research.
In 2007 Massimo started working for Galleria De' Bonis of Reggio Emilia. He partecipated to several Art exhibitions and made his debut with a solo exhibition. It was an experimentation period interchanging supports. The canvas becomes substance    through a collage of paper and cardboard.
Also iron, copper,  wood are used as supports. Faces and bodies are physically and psychologically alone, isolated. After two trips in New York he started painting urban landascapes also.
Figures and New York landscapes both were the leading role of “Lincantesimo del Caos Moderno” catalogue printend in 2010 for the Solo Shows happened in  Verona, Padua and Venice (art criticism by Stefano Luppi). In 2013 he started a partnership with Sciaccheart Gallery of Riomaggiore. In 2013 the works started to become “light”, the bases of canvas are made by enamel and  acrylics. Massimo Lagrotteria tries to reach a “unattainable balance” through a slowly and inescapable subtraction.The sobjets seems to be resigned to lose their fake centrality in the world. Thier gaze is always pointed to the great masters: Freud, Dumas or Maria Lassnig. Also the palette change. The shades of greys, the incarnate and the bitumen take the windward among the faces and figures.
In 2015 he had the solo exhibition named “Sfioriati” in Berlin at Cuore di Vetro shop. 27 works. The show and the catalogue bore thanks to the partnership with the  curator Giuditta Lavinia Nidiaci (art criticism).
Massimo Lagrotteria was selected by the Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi for the ARTE EXPO ITALIANA – EXPO 2015. Currently he cooperates with different Galleries sited in Emilia Romagna, Lombardia, Veneto and Liguria.
He lives and works in Carpi (Modena).

Works collected on MACS

Testa / Head, 2014 olio su tela/oil on canvas cm 200x190



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