Sergio Padovani


Country: Italia

He was born in Modena in 1972, for several years he is a musician in the experimentation and research, avoiding confinement and limitations if your instinct. Since 2006, the music suffers, however, an unstoppable process whose final verdict is the absolute transmutation in painting.
Without confinement and limitations. Always the same instinct. This new process, more like an unquenchable, insatiable inner stake, becomes deep chasm filled with light, excess and misery of an unforgiving stage of bodies in hesitating astonished universe to face happiness and blinding grace of creation. A salvific event, therefore, the divine or the body does not really matter, except as a translucent, uncontrollable revolution through which portray personifications who feel inadequate to life, their history, to themselves. But they perceive the ancestral human need: the salvation precisely.
In 2011 he participated in the 54th Venice Biennale, Italian Pavilion, Regional Section Turin.
He won the Arte Laguna Prize (2009), the Wannabee Prize (2009) and the Yicca Prize (2009). He was a finalist for the Celeste Prize, the Prize and the Combat Art Prize. His works are in important collections both in Italy and in Europe.
He lives and works in Modena.

Works collected on MACS

Foce matrigna al rogo/ Mouth stepmother at the stake, 2012 olio e bitume su tela/oil and bitumen on canvas cm 40x50



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