Alice Zanin


Country: Italia

Self-taughtartist, sheexperiencedvariousmeans of expressionamongstwhich painting. As of the beginning of 2012, shefocusedupon papier-mâché. During the first part of her production (the series “verbavolantscripta…”), shedeveloped, by usinganimalspeech, an ironicdialogueillustrating the evanescent, temporary and changing link with the human values of oraltradition. Shewasable to reachresultsthat are even more refined by removingtexts from papers, in order to obtainlightersurfaces, and create chromaticcounterpartsamongdifferentkinds of paper. Nowadaysher work –eventhoughstillsculptural- isorientedtowardsinstallations, which create, betweenherworks and objects, a dialoguefocuseduponinconsistency and association of ideas. The almost immediate choice of the objectsoftenlead to a misinterpretation of their common function, thusgeneratingawkwardness and ironybetweenthem and animals. Shetook part in solo and groupexhibitionsand art fairs. Herworksbelong to private collections in Italy, Austria, Venezuela and USA.
Shelives and works in Podenzano (PC).

Works collected on MACS



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